A Guide to Choosing the Best Accessories for Men

Accessories complete your outfit. They signify that extra bit of time you take for yourself to make your outfit look great rather than make it seem like you threw on a few items together. But at the same time if you use accessories without confidence and it makes you uncomfortable, it will definitely show and ruin the look you’re going for. If you’re interested in taking your outfit from level 0 to 100 (with confidence) in an instant, here’s a guide on the best possible accessories a man could wear.


Bracelets are the go-to accessory. Depending on your preference, you can go for cloth or more of a street style. But usually metal bracelets are paired with suits and for more casual looks, a beaded bracelet or (one of the crowd favourites) the leather anchor bracelet will suit your outfit perfectly. When styling it, you have to remember that it acts as a subtle accentuation, rather than the centrepiece of your outfit. So wearing just one would do the trick and remember to always leave one wrist unoccupied no matter how much you accessorize.


Now, people definitely pay attention to this accessory. If possible, you’ll want to have a separate watch for casual outings and a different one for formal functions. But most like to own one and the watch they choose is usually a pretty good form of self-expression since it tells people a lot about their particular lifestyle. This accessory is perfect for you if you’re looking to make a professional first impression. Watches with a minimalistic design are better if you’re looking for a versatile match that will go with nearly any outfit (including suits).


Headphones are the modern male’s accessory. They’re capable of giving you a busy, confident air simply by just having them on.  As of late, the wireless headset has become a favourite given its novelty and convenience. So if you’re going for any of them, this is probably going to be the best pick of the lot.


Rings are still not for every man since some still believe in wearing only a wedding band. But they are an invaluable fashion accessory that provide a classy upgrade to your outfit- provided that you are subtle with your choices. You don’t want to wear more than one or two rings maximum at a time.


 A staple for any man, sunglasses started off as protection against the sun’s rays but now they’re one of our most important accessories. A classic pair like aviators or wayfarers are the easiest addition to your list of accessories as they can be worn nearly anywhere.

Suit Accessories

Simply wearing a suit is nowhere near enough, you need your accessories to complete the look. You must be familiar with the usual- ties, bowties, pocket squares and cufflinks- that come under this section but try to spark things up by using more vibrant colours and materials to make your outfit stand out more.

These are some of the best, well-chosen ways you can upgrade your looks and have that full impact you’re looking for. Don’t hold back from experimenting between different accessories so that you find out which complement you just right.

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