Great Ways to Lose Weight through Exercising

Exercise is a great way of losing weight and if done on a regular basis, can show incredible results in a short period. However, keep in mind that exercise on its own cannot help in significant weight changes as there is not a trick to lose weight quickly and will not typically be healthy or safe either. There are certain techniques and types of exercises that can help you in your path to losing weight. Some studies have concluded that a combination of a variety of exercises such as interval training, cardio and weight training can drastically help with the loss of excess fat. Pair these workouts with a balanced diet and rest and you will help speed up the process. Find below some summarized descriptions of these exercises.

High-Intensity Exercises

Plan some high to moderate intensity exercises or interval training for each week especially if you have been only doing steady-state cardio. High-intensity exercises have shown to help with weight loss more than regular steady cardio on a treadmill for example. These exercises tend to burn more calories and more fat each session thus will start showing significant results. You can design your own routine depending on your body and what you prefer personally. Some exercises include jump rope, mountain climbers or sprinting. Even climbing a flight of stairs 2-4 times repeatedly can help with working out intensely. Increase your lifestyle activity level as well to help speed up the process. You can always do something such as gardening or mopping your home floor to include an added bit of cardio to burn those calories.

High-Intensity Cardio

Taking a variety of cardio classes will also make your exercise schedule more interesting making you want to do it consistently. Consider going to a gym for their classes such as kickboxing or boxing. In addition to burning calories, you would also get some other incredible benefits such as toning of the entire body, reducing stress and a boost in your confidence levels to name a few. Furthermore, a class such as a kickboxing will have a quick ab workout that will help you strengthen your core and overall body.

Include Weight Training

It is best to include at least one to three days of weight training in addition to cardio-based exercises since it is essential to do strength training for your body as well. While lifting weights will not burn calories alone, they will help you build lean muscle which in turn will increase your body’s ability to burn more calories when resting. You can try out bodyweight exercises if you don’t have access to a gym or the necessary weight lifting equipment. Add a resistance band to train when doing such body weight exercises. These may include push-ups, crunches, squats, and lunges to help build muscle. Keep in mind to alternate muscle groups from each day, depending on what your training schedule looks like. For example; if you train lower body on Monday and upper body on Tuesday, it is important to have a rest day on Wednesday to help your muscles recover and build.

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