Safety Tips for Harley Riders

One thing that all riders know and understand that riding around on motorcycles is dangerous business. Yes, it is thrilling, freeing, and overall a wonderful experience. Nonetheless, if you are not careful, you could end up with tangled in some regrettable circumstances. Harleys do have a reputation for being safe. However, the size and the power of these bikes can sometimes work against you. The following are some safety information that is detrimental for keeping you safe all of the time. Here are the significant points:


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Keep the Essentials Protected

Now, this really isn’t new information, especially if you have been paying attention over the years. Nonetheless, it bears repeating. For instance, never get onto your bike without your helmet on your head. It does not matter how short a distance you are travelling, you should always wear your helmet. This is simply non-negotiable. When you are riding Harley-Davidson motorbikes, it is also a good idea to invest in gloves and boots. No, this is not so that you can make a fashion statement. Just imagine what you would do if you were to fall or your bike was to tip over? There is a good chance that you would either throw out hands in front of you or place your feet on the ground. This puts you in a position to lose some serious skin on your palms or to even break the bones in your ankle. Therefore, it is important that you keep these areas protected as well.

Be Careful of How You Brake

There will come a time when you are riding quite fast and you will need to hit the brakes. This could be because another vehicle has pulled in ahead of you or there is possibility of some other condition. As it is instinctual, you may immediately grab at the front brake. This is a terrible thing to do as it puts you in the position to crash. Instead, start of by using the rear brake first – but not too hard. By doing this, you are shifting weight from the rear wheel to the front wheel. In doing so, you are causing the springs to contract, significantly decreasing the possibility of the rear wheel lifting up. A short while after you have used the rear brake, you can then use the front brake. This will help you to get to a quick yet safe stop.

Watch Where You Ride

Now, you will be paying attention to what is around you as you ride. It is also a good idea to glance at the road every now and then. This is especially important if you are near a sandy area or are close to a construction site. All of the sand and debris in this area could play havoc with your tires. This is because as it is, you have to contend with limited traction. Throw sand into the mix and you are reducing this even further. This is why you should always take care to avoid such areas so that you can prevent your bike from sliding.

Follow these specific safety tips in addition to any other riding tricks you may have learned. This will make it much safer for you, every time you get on a bike.

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