Things to Know When Buying New Flooring

Your budget and personal preferences are not the only things that matter when buying new flooring. In fact, there are loads of questions you must ask before you decide to buy new carpeting for your bedroom or tiles for the kitchen. Here are several things you should think long and hard before getting a new floor:


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Do You Really Need New Flooring?

It may seem obvious but most people skip this initial, crucial question. If you are thinking of buying new carpeting, think about what’s wrong with the old carpeting. Can it do with new padding instead? Would it be better to restore your hardwood floor than to replace it? You should really consider whether you need new flooring, or whether you need to refurbish the old one.

Material Matters

Of course, the material of the flooring matters. Not all rooms will do well with tiles. Some material is durable, some easy to clean and others, like terrazzo, just look really nice. So, before you buy, you may need to consider hundreds of options for flooring material. Do your research preferably with the help of a local seller like Brisbane tiles. You can look up information on the internet as well.

Think Traffic

Before you decide on a material, think about the traffic each room receives. The living room, kitchen, and the front porch are usually the places most trodden on. Rooms like the bathroom and bedroom, while frequently used, do not really experience foot traffic where kids, pets, and guests walk and run around. So, if there’s a lot of traffic, you will need material that is sturdy and durable. You may also want to consider staining as well. When some material, like tile, is walked on frequently, the dust gets imprinted and the material discolors. So, you may want to consider an easy-to-clean option for high traffic areas.

Mind the Noise Level

Some flooring is definitely noisier than others. If you are looking for flooring for an apartment situated above another one, or an upstairs room, you may want to buy flooring that muffles the noise of foot traffic. Carpeting is a good choice for upstairs rooms, especially ones situated above the bedroom. Hardwood floors can be noisy if people walk on it wearing shoes. If you are bothered by noise, then it’s something you should consider when buying a new floor.

Some Material is More Allergy Prone

Are you or anyone of your family members prone to allergies? Then you may want to skip flooring like carpeting and pick hypoallergenic flooring like hardwood and tile. Allergens do not really get stuck on hardwood floors, unlike on carpet. If allergens are a concern, try to pick smooth flooring that does not easily gather dust and debris.

Subfloor Heating

If you want heated floors, you should know that not all flooring material is suited for subfloor heating. You will have to ask a flooring expert or a construction professional what type of flooring material you need to buy to install subfloor heating.
Do consider the above seriously before you buy new flooring for your home or apartment.

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