Top Features of High-Quality Horse Rugs

Horse care may seem daunting and exhausting, given the size of the animals that you need to take care of. Feeding can be a bit easy especially if you have large grounds where they can eat grass. Playing around is also an activity that horses really love to do, particularly ponies. Therefore, having a large space is already a great plus in breeding and raising healthy horses.

Other considerations would be their stalls, their grooming and health issues. Injuries are quite common in horses that is why having a veterinarian regularly check them up is a must. However, they cannot only get sick from complications from injuries or accidents. One major reason they get sick is bad weather and not protecting these animals enough. A great way to keep them protected during bad weather is by giving them horse rugs.

What Are Horse Rugs?

A horse rug also referred to as a horse blanket, protects the animal from cold weather than can potentially cause sickness in them.

What Are The Different Types Of Horse Rugs?

There are different types of horse rugs that you can choose from depending on their purpose. There are those called cooler rugs. These rugs are used to cool down horses after sweating due to exercise. They are highly breathable and they also absorb a horse’s sweat so they can feel cool. There are also rugs that are called exercise rugs. These rugs are placed over the horse while it is being ridden. There are also fleece rugs which are breathable and light and can be brought for travel. Fly rugs, on the other hand, provide protection from biting caused by insects. There are also waterproof rugs that are called turnout rugs. They keep the horses dry while they are in the field. There are also pony rugs that are used to cover ponies to protect them from inclement weather conditions, wind and rain.

What Is The Quality Of A Good Horse Rug?

Picking the right rug for your horse is very important. One measure to consider is the size of the rug that should fit your horse properly. Too small of a size can cause sores for your horse while a size that is too big can result in injuries. A great horse rug will also fit your horse in such a way that its performance on the field is not compromised, if not better. Considering also the horse’s age and the breed is important. Native horses are more tolerable of bad conditions of the weather while thoroughbreds can be less tolerant. Native horses, since they are more used to bad weather, can require less heavy rugs to cover their coats. It is also important to check the fastenings and make sure that the rug does not go out of its place as the horse moves, leading to a lesser or zero chance of injury from happening.

Taking care of horses should not be difficult. Considering their welfare is a great start to effectively executing the tasks needed to correctly care for your horse.

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