What to Gift an Expecting Mother

Motherhood is a new and exciting time of a woman’s life. You can make this period special by showing your appreciation with a lovely and thoughtful gift. Remember that the new mom will be receiving a number of gifts from other friends and family members. So, try to gift something meaningful that she can really appreciate once the baby is born. Here is a list of several excellent gift ideas for expecting moms:

New Clothes

New moms will need a lot of new, oversized maternity clothes once the baby is born. It takes several months for new mothers to lose the extra pregnancy weight. So, she will really appreciate a pair of comfy maternity pants or a dress that makes nursing easy. You can buy standard sizes for maternity clothes as they are all quite large and spacious to support post-baby bodies.

Baby Care Books

If you are not sure what to gift, a book would never let you down. A book about parenting and taking care of baby is quite appropriate to gift professional friends or colleagues that you don’t know that well. No new mom would be offended by a book. You can choose a book by browsing bestseller lists in the parenting category. Go to popular parenting blogs and find out which books are recommended. You can ask for recommendations from other you may know who have recently become mothers. Take care to gift a good book, not one you can snatch from the grocery store line-up.

Baby Bottle Kits

Baby bottle kits include bottles, teats, cleaning brushes, and possibly carrier cases. New moms will need lots of baby bottles so she will really appreciate you getting a kit for her. The baby is usually bottle fed around three months. You will be getting a useful gift in advance for her.

Nursing Care Items

New mom will need all the care items she can get to make nursing a comfortable experience. If the expecting mom is a close friend of yours, you can get her nursing bras or tops she can really find good use for. Otherwise, get her nursing pillows that facilitate comfortable positions while nursing for hours. The new mom will definitely feel grateful for these very useful items.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are a safe gift for any expecting mom. You can buy colorful baby caps, gowns, booties and onesies. New moms really need these and will appreciate a cute gift. Handmade items have added value too.

Bankies and Sleeping Apparel

Other than baby clothes, you can also get baby sleeping gowns, blankies and crib mats that the expecting mom will need once the baby is born. These come in cute colors and shapes so your gift will look quite appealing.

Aromatherapy Set

This is not for the baby, but the expecting mom. The last months of the pregnancy and the first months of motherhood can be quite stressful. The expecting mom will be worried even if she doesn’t show it outright. So, help her relax by buying her an aromatherapy set. These will help her enjoy some “me” time once the baby is born.
You can always buy classic gifts like baby carriers and strollers too.

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